Soffit is key to both preventing roof damage and giving your home a pleasant, finished appearance. Ryan's Roofing is your premier source for soffit installation and maintenance services in the Lemoyne, Enola, and New Cumberland, PA areas. Contact our roofing contractors today to learn more or request a roofing estimate!

Soffit refers to the materials used to cover the underside of your roof overhang. Its primary function is ventilation, since it also covers part of your attic space. Heat will build up in your attic, especially during the summer months, and can cause your roof to overheat if it doesn’t have an outlet to escape, causing breakdowns and ice dams during the winter months. Soffit also helps to keep the humidity in your attic down.

In addition to this function, soffit provides aesthetic value to your property. It’s available in many colors and styles, including smooth and wood-grain materials.



If you live in the Harrisburg, PA area, Ryan’s Roofing can serve all your soffit needs. We can repair any damage to your soffit or install new roof soffit for you. Our roofing contractors will make sure everything is fully sealed and protected, as we believe paying attention to those small details is a large part of our job. We also want to offer you the very best customer experience, so we’ll take the time to fully explain the work we’re doing before doing it, keeping you informed throughout.

If you need any soffit work done in the Lemoyne, Enola, and New Cumberland, PA areas, call Ryan’s Roofing today for a roofing estimate!